Monday, April 30, 2007

You are my sweetest downfall (4-7-07)

a quickie:

i should really save this until i'm in the mood to write a big and pretty post, but i'm not going to. instead:

Regina Spektor.   Samson.   Lyrics.

i can't really talk with any authority on spektor. however, i will say this.
she made an album called soviet kitsch and it was the name of  this album that attracted me to her. that and a really nice picture of her.
here's the irony though: it is the kitschy nature of her music that has never allowed it to really set in with me as a favorite. i enjoy her, but not quite enough.
today i happened upon this song and became even sadder about the over-production of her newer albums. this is the original version of a song that is also on her newest album, but here there is nothing but her and her piano. this song really worked on me.

ok...i don't know if everyone gets the same adds on their homepages or if it is personalized based on google searches (in which case myspace apparently thinks i'm desperate) but can i just say that  the new add girl, kissyface27 (apparently there were 26 other kissyfaces) is ugly. why would i frequent a dating site which appears to specialize in ugly women?

also worthy of note is the fact that firefox doesn't think that "kissyface27" is misspelled, but it does correct "firefox."

OH!!! and i'm watching the sharks game. the last three games have been so freaking amazing. sharks were down 2. caught up. down one, tied it up with 30 seconds left. three fights. tons tons tons of amazing hits. on a day like this, if you don't watch hockey...YOU ARE FUCKING RETARDED and i pity you.