Monday, April 30, 2007

Fumble outta bed and stumble to the kitchen, Pour myself a cup of ambition. (4-15-07)

i may have discovered a reliable hosting site...wouldn't that be something?

it's that time of year where i go nuts and all priorities take a back seat to my sharks. if anyone wants to get together to watch the game tomorrow, let me know...i'm thinking of going to 99 and watching it there.

Oren Lavie.   Her Morning Elegance.

somewhere between the piercing beauty and clarity of badly drawn boy and the sleepy smokiness of the sea and the cake. figure that out...i dare you.

you also have my permission to just close your eyes, smile a tiny smile and bob your head...perhaps so softly that it never actually moves.

Evilnine (feat. Aesop Rock.)   Crooked

for those of you who feel like nodding your heads for real, i give you probably my favorite rapper. i have been listening to a ton of aesop recently. this is far from his best work, but i completely dig it right now. if you like words, i think you'll love aesop.

bonus 1: here are two more impressive, though less head bobby, songs of A Rizzle's    Daylight.   No Regrets.
bonus 2: if you use m4a. files (iTunes format) here is aesop rock's best album in it's entirety: Labor Days.