Saturday, April 07, 2007

The future descending like a bright chandelier (3-4-07)

i had a ton of moments yesterday to do some blog searching. here are some of the treasures of the bunch.

as always, if you comment that you like one of these artists, i can almost always provide more from them. seriously.

Casey Dienel.   Doctor Monroe.   Lyrics.

if i had discovered this song earlier, it would have made my best of last year. i love songs that grin mischievously. i managed to find a few more songs by this lady and they are all good and varied...she's no one-trick pony.

she is an adorable writer. anyone who knows me very well knows that this is really the most direct route to my heart. that and being totally hot.

Colin Hay.  

Overkill.   Lyrics.

Beautiful World.   Lyrics

this is for my zach braff buddies. you may remember this episode. you may also remember his song on garden state (i just don't think i'll ever get over you.)

yes it is the same guy who sang the cheers theme song.

James Yorkston.   Woozy With Cider.   Lyrics.

this isn't a very good example of this man's music. he doesn't normally do the spoken word thing...usually he's a pretty interesting folk artist. however, this song works on me. majorly. holy majorly not a word? my spell checker hates it. frick. that is slang? fuck is now just a normal word.

i will continue to bring you the best scottish artists i am able, though only when i stumble upon them. this man lives in edinburgh (my favorite city in the world.) lucky bastard.

if you dig folk, and don't know this fellow...fix it.

Josh Ritter.   This Blue Flame.   Lyrics.

wow. you want epic? this is it. seriously. wow. do you have nine minutes?

even if you don't have time to listen right the lyrics. lovely.

Suburban Kids With Biblical Names.   Rent a Wreck

it's the toyota commercial that you don't like...however, how can you not love them if only for their name? fricking sweeds.

The National.   City Middle.   Lyrics.

ok...i know that this is cheating...but, if i hadn't told you, how many of you would have known that this is one of my favorite bands and that i didn't really come across this while surfing blogs? not only is this one of my favorite albums by one of my favorite bands, but this is one of my favorite songs. ever.

this album lost out to wolf parade for my 2005 album of the year, but i still listen to it constantly, and i almost never listen to WP. this album is a hit w/everyone i've shared it with. i keep having to re-burn it for myself 'cause i keep giving it away.

this is posted in honor of how i can't keep from listening to them and because they have a new album coming out SOON!

how sweet is that picture? i like how one of their members looks so much like a lion.

i can send you a link to the full album. inquire within.

since most of you know that i only really post when i am drinking, we can easily blame my lack of posts on new, healthier habits. let's do that.
i now work out a minimum of 5 days a week. my knees are killing me but i feel great otherwise. stupid knees.

how is it appropriate that you can put "high" for your mood?

for those of you who i have hung out with in the past and who live in the state...i know i have been awol for months. the soccer season is done now though, so call me...chances are i miss you.!