Saturday, April 07, 2007

Children frequently sing meaningful phrases to themselves over and over again... (2-11-07)

i came across a song i had never heard by luke temple today. this led me to his website, which led me to semi-permanent links to a few of his songs.

"someone, somewhere" is seriously one of my favorite songs is such an awesome mix of serious and joyous...frivilous and major. enjoy. i couldn't find "make right with you" which is his biggest hit (i believe it was on grey's).

Luke Temple.

Someone, Somewhere.
Mr. Disgrace.
Private Shipwreck.
Saturday People.

the end of my soccer coaching season is easily among the most depressing things to ever happen to me. *tear* yes...i know that i've led a pretty easy life if this even makes it onto the radar of depressing moments in my life. in all fairness...i have had some pretty fucked up things happen....i just find this more sadderer.

i am happy to see that, on the 3000th sportscenter, "do you believe in miracles" won the fan voting for the most memorable sports moment of the last 30 years. it should always win.

when did ty penington, formerly of trading spaces, start doing regular commercials? i don't care what he has to say about medication. period.

the claymation on "starveillance" is so awful...none of the celebs look anything like themselves. right now, brad pitt looks like bruce willis. that is not right.

ok...i'm out of music for the night and now i'm out of random questions.

please write me. w/o my team...i am pretty lonely once again. also, i'm trying to kick a soccer ball every day. if you want exercise, let me know...kicking is more fun when not alone.