Saturday, April 07, 2007

lord, put my heart in this song... (1-17-07)

yeah...i'm feeling like i owe you another post. technically, i should be adding to the best of list, since i forgot a couple that i wanted to put on there, but i wont. instead, i'll make a uncharactaristically short post. here are four songs from an ep that i am currently enjoying. an ep that isn't released yet. an ep that maybe i shouldn't really be sharing yet. hm. oh well.

Lost in the Trees.  

Tall Trees.
If You're Afraid of the Dark.
Time Taunts Me.

please start with "tall trees". all the songs are good, but that one feels kinda like being snuggled under a comforter during a windstorm.
boy, am i a sucker for a standup bass. i always have been. cello too. he has assembled a good chunk of a mini-orchestra. nice stuff to just veg to.

i'm not going to spell check this. deal with it.

i love coaching soccer.

image credit: all ME baby!