Saturday, April 07, 2007

Reason is the pupil of itself alone. (3-19-07) is the story. i was scheduled to work at 6 am tomorrow. this means that i took all precautions to get to sleep at a decent hour (anyone who knows me well knows that this is quite a takes beer and the miracle supplement 5http (or something like that).) literally 20 seconds after i took the precautions, my work called to switch me to a graveyard tomorrow. this a far more desirable shift, but now i am headed for annoyance and a sleepy night. i will be trying to stay awake as late as possible tonight, so feel free to write or call me.

Modest Mouse.   We Were Dead Before The Ship Even Sank (full album). (alternate link).


let me say, i have not listened to this enough to write about it, but i wanted to post it before it disappeared. i HAVE been enjoying it for the last couple days and it is in no way premature to call it one of the albums of the year, as few are likely to top it. spencer was angry at me for having this album before its street date...but only because he didn't have it too. now he can.

we all know how much i enjoy MM...though they are unlikely to ever top The Moon and Antarctica (and it's ep sister Everywhere and His Nasty Parlour Tricks.)

the guy who hosted this file also had bloc party (silent alarm is still great), okgo, and wilco here.

lets have a moment of quiet reflection for my favorite holiday, St. Patty's. i'm not irish, i'm not catholic (nor am i a protestant sporting orange) but i do enjoy booze. i enjoy the only holiday that encourages folks to drink dark beer and whiskey. i also enjoy a holiday that encourages touching those without spirit (these are usually women.)
also, it's entirely possible that the last two St. Patty's Days ("days" plural, of course) have been the two best days ("days" plural, of course) of my last 368. i miss it already.

please write...i'm bored.

also, if anyone has the new National album, let me know. i need it.