Saturday, April 07, 2007

I prefer to think that God is not dead, just drunk. (3-27-07)

it's about time to write more.

i'll be honest...i didn't really want to post tonight. i get almost no feedback anymore (except from your moneeeeer) and i really decided to do this after two things happened: 1) i thought i was done setting up my euro 2008 fantasy team for the matches tomorrow (it turns out that i'm not really done...ok, now i am) and was bored once the sharks game ended. 2) i was able to find an album that i really love very very much to put before you.

Sam Prekop. Your New Professor (full album).

this is my all time favorite morning after the night before, wish i were dead ,album. you would think that i would slowly start to hate this album with this sense memory association, but i could never do such a thing (no matter how intimately i associate it with squinting to attempt to see whatever lays behind layer after layer of pain-red clouds and nausea.)

prekop used to be the mind behind the often subtly jazzy sea and the cake, but has since moved on to a far more overtly jazzy solo career. he's always good.

a few months ago, this was playing when i walked into bookshop santa cruz. i support it. if it's like a hug when i'm at my worst, it's like an hour of great cuddling when i'm wandering around a bookstore.

it is entirely possible that i will have the rest of the week off. invite me to your area...i'll see what i can do. seriously, if i end up bored this's your fault. i want to go wine tasting. yup...that's what i want.

just for making it down here: if over the top filthy and awesome countrified rap is more your thing: spankrock. yoyoyoyo