Thursday, November 30, 2006

wake up!

ok...i felt bad for having such a lame playlist up for you. i thought i'd make it a little better. that one was short mostly because i had just worked 51 hrs in four days.
i still managed to forget one of the songs i wanted, but this is decent. not that the songs in the last one weren't fact, they are on this list too. really, i could just delete the last one.
this is a wakeup mix. if you have 40 minutes to spend waking it to this. just hit play and it should rattle off the whole thing. if you wish to download any of the tracks, do so on the right.

1- burnt friedman and jaki liebezeit (feat david sylvian). the librarian.
2- jose gonzales. heartbeats (the knife cover).
3- 13&God. afterclap.
4- mansfield.tya. pour oublier je dors.
5- the eels. living life (daniel johnston cover).
6- rodrigo y gabriella. diablo rojo.
7- birds and bees. boyfriend.
8- gabriel rios. broad daylight.
9- bitter:sweet. dirty laundry.

this is a much better and more complete (though still way short) mix. however, they are some of my favorite songs right now. most of them have been acquired over the last month. i normally don't post this many songs and i normally spend some time talking about with it.

if you have a short attention span, start with the last few....the mix starts very slow (but very very good.) if you only have time for one, and are feeling add, listen to broad daylight...that is such a fantastic track.

tomorrow night, i'm seeing borat. come along.

here are some bonus indexes w/some really great albums:

velvet teen - cum laude + others.
postal service - give up + others.
royskopp - the understanding + others.