Thursday, November 30, 2006

the universe is shaped exactly like the earth...

as matt pointed out, getting excited about being able to walk isn't something that everyone can understand. without evil, there is no good; without dark, no light; without injuries, simply putting one foot in front of the other just isn't cause for celebration.

in a related note, what is the deal w/some people not owning icepacks? how boring is your life that you never need an icepack? i would put my life in the boring column, but i need an icepack almost every day of my life.

i know that this is a music blog, but i don't feel much like writing about music. how about this...i will post one song that is blowing up the music world right now, followed by a link to one of the best albums ever made ever. that seems pretty fair don't you think?

rodrigo y gabriela.   tamacun. (alternate link)

i chose the above picture both because i am a sucker for b&w, and because it is difficult to see that these are two of the least attractive people to ever hit #1 on any chart anywhere. now, i am well aware of my own predilections, and this certainly does affect my conclusion, but his is the only moustache in music worse than jack white's pedophile special.

ahem! music. fuck it...just listen to the song. if you have the ability to convert vibrations into something pretty, you'll love it. two people. two guitars. no frills (unless you count monumental and seismic skill as a frill.) if it can be done on a guitar, they can do it. i accidentally listened to this song for about a half hour the other night on repeat.

they are coming to kuumbwa soon. anyone interested in seeing them live, let me know. adam and i have plans to go.

bonus:  rodrigo y gabriela.   stairway to heaven.

modest mouse.   the moon and antarctica (full album).

this picture was picked out because maya would love it.

no hyperbole. in the last ten years, i can only think of two albums that i would give a perfect ten. this is one. don't make me write about it...please.

modest mouse is driving music. or sleeping music. or sexytime music (not may want to clear it first before putting on something so dissonant.) or lazy day. or pissed off. sing along. shout along.

their earlier albums showed a unique promise and an exciting disregard for the pop we all know and love. there was a crashing yelpiness that was difficult to swallow at first but that repaid repeated listens. songs like 'dramamine' on this is a long drive for someone w/nothing to think about, showed the direction that brock and co. were headed.

but the jump from interesting to priceless happened on this disc. there is a world view here. an ethos. there is loneliness and anger. i don't even know what to say...i've always hated those assignments that required in-depth ass kissing. suffice it to say...album good, album best.

the universe is shaped exactly like the earth,
if you go straight long enough, you'll end up where you were.

truer words were never sung in any pitch. modest mouse may be famous to 12 year olds everywhere for 'float on', which is a terrific song on a terrific album, but if all you know of mm is good news, come back and listen to them at their best.

sharks season starts in 3, no 2 now, 2 days! booya-ka-sha! where my sharks fans at? (how do you spell holler like a black person w/o coming off even whiter than writing holler?)