Thursday, November 30, 2006

The bright light's meant to burn your eyes

super short:

i was looking through some drawers, searching for the study guide (which prefers to be abbreviated as follows: stdygd.) with hopes of typing it up.

instead, i found a pile of old crap that left me feeling like this:

and this:

Beck.   Lonesome Tears.

it is unfathomable, the power that old handwriting and doodles can have. i wonder: do those doors we worked so hard to open ever close completely? every now and then, i feel the tiniest draft.

the beck track is off of "Sea Change", which is perhaps the greatest breakup album of all time. i tried to find a link to the whole album, but was unsuccessful. it is a love it or hate it album, and is completely different from the beck that you heard on MTV. personally, i think it is terrific. if you have some wallowing to do, and if you are very interested in getting the whole thing, let me know...i'll send it to you.

these are some good things happening to me!

+ i found my hiking socks!! this will save me mega-$ when i go to REI to pick up my new boots (i recommend the 360* is spectacular.)

+ i am going to be playing soccer again!!! my team starts games on the 26th. too cool.