Thursday, November 30, 2006

the first cold shower; even the monkey seems to want a little coat of straw...

for those of you that actually read my blogs, i have a huge apology to make. i don't even want to check the last time i has been for ever. i mostly stopped myspacing (so you should feel pretty good if i have written you at all during my break from blogging.) in addition, i all but stopped reading music blogs.

i hate that i often come off all mopey in my blogs like some kid w/a white belt and his sister's pants, but i pretty much only sit down to write when i am unhappy with the way the rest of my life is going. as a method of combating this, i am watching conan (o'brien, not the barbarian) while writing. that should help the mood...right? and lord, do i need a boost.

if there is anyone out there who reads this but doesn't know me, i have been injured. frustratingly injured (i didn't even know you could bruise a nerve.) now, it takes a little greater knowledge of me to know that when i am confined to a bed, i become depressed very quickly. not bummed, but depressed. usually, this leads straight to booze. thank you to the two (count 'em, 2) friends who have come to see me in the roughly two weeks.

The Mountain Goats. Get Lonely (full album).

just kidding. as though it were something new, and thereby worthy of mention, i have been lonely. this is, perhaps, the best lonely album ever. i am totally in love with the mountain goats, this is why i post them more than almost any other band. i do not feel that this album is a good representation of the majority of this band's music, nor is it my favorite from the MGs, but it is so soothing and sad and pretty and cathartic. beautiful story telling combined with beautiful music = nearly absent musical aesthetic in a post simon and garfunkle musical world.

those goats in the pic above are freaking awesome. i will say that it looks like a caption contest though.

instead of taking the time to post more tonight, allow me to supply links to two of my favorite music blogs...both of which i visited for the first time in a long time yesterday. they are alike in that they both post music of all genres, and that they both feature fantastic writing by folks who know a good deal more about music than i do. i do love my indie-rock and alt-country, but every now and then, a good norweigan glitch pop tune really hits the spot. both blogs are completely famous in the blog world, and for good reason. i hope you find something that you enjoy...lord knows i did.

Said the Grammaphone.

it is possible that i might start blogging again, now that i am collecting music again.

see, that wasn't too mopey.