Friday, August 10, 2007

There’s big stars falling down, down, and twinkling as they fall. (7-22-07)

posted out of guilt for the long hiatus.

bullet points:
* i was laid off from juvie
* i have filed for unemployment
* i go to the gym nearly every day
* i am leaving for backpacking in five days
* i am leaving for europe in just over three weeks
* i stopped blogging because i stopped receiving feedback
* but, i kept getting more and more guilty because i kept getting hits.
* my shins/knees couldn't take all my running and i've been bitterly sidelined

how 'bout a song?

Jolie Holland.   Do You?   Lyrics.

slow, slow, slow, but oh so pretty.
this picture doesn't go w/the song, but i thought it was too cute to pass up.
if you saw the last lines coming, you are a strange little person.  

why do i always get antsy during the summer even though it is my favorite? i would that i were elsewhere. i suppose i will be soon enough, huh?