Friday, August 10, 2007

rock me like a hurricane? (6-5-07)

quickest blog ever.

i need to be at work in a short time. 
i couldn't sleep at all. i've been trying for hours. fuck adhd.
i took a 5htp and drank a lovely drink w/tons of vodka.
who visited my blog seven times today when i haven't been posting in for ever? whoever you rock.

raw like sashimi.

how's this for cheesy and yet awesome? one of my favorite full album blogs has just posted links to about a hundred full albums. there are many gems hidden amongst the ridiculous pop drivel that this man likes so much. i can't really even promise that the links will work anymore, since it's been a few days since he posted them...but if they do, this is a wealth of albums. first and foremost, there is a ton of fiona apple, whom i adore completely. there is some comedy. some post-grunge (sorry, i heard brand new described as that once and i enjoyed it.) there is amy winehouse for those who like their soul singers to use meth and have no teeth (but...dude...she IS white.)  some LIT, some bloc party, some damien rice (who every-freaking-one but me likes.) some coldplay (get parachutes if you don't have it) and some emiliana torrini (fisherman's woman is worth it.) metric and monty python.
please. just please. don't download gwen stefani's, love music angel baby. there are precious few albums that i can not, CAN NOT even listen to at all...not even for one song...not even for money...not even to save the life of a kitten...and this is one. in fact, it might be the only one. it might be the worst album ever made. ever. i am including the eighties and lindsey lohan (also available for download here.)

for those who like me...i will include a tiny update.
it is as follows:

i have joined a soccer team full of people who are waaaay better than me. however, this is a dream of mine that i have managed to make come, if i can hang with these guys, in this league, then i win. my knee is killing me though...please...if you believe in god, put in a word for my knee, my left knee.

i will have used up all one thousand hours i am alloted, per year, at work. i just found out today that i can file for unemployment. neat. i have been paying taxes for years. now it finally pays off.

i need to be asleep two hours ago. there anything worse than watching minutes vanish when you know that each one means one degree worse you will feel the next day?