Friday, August 10, 2007

drunken drive home (5-16-07)

i'm realy becoming a fan of these players from they should allow you to listen to my blog like a radio station...a really really good radio station. also, the player has an option to get the URL of any track you dig. you can also open the tracklist in a new window or in your media player. the one at the top of the page has 75 songs on it and is set to should last you a while. i won't always do this instead of my normal posting method, but i will try to keep a couple of these players updated in case you fell like letting them run wild.

last night, i went out to the bar for what must be the third or fourth time in the last six months. good ol' bar...i missed those smoky yelling matches.

since rachel has decided that she no longer gets drunk (a fact unbeknownst to me at the outset of our journey), i inadvertently gained a dd by offering her a ride. this meant that i would be drunken djing at some point. this is, roughly, what was played between SC and aromas. if you want to recreate the feel of the trip, get hammered and the instant any song starts to get stale, move on to the next one. also, scream along.

of all these tracks, the one i most want to talk about is:

Badly Drawn Boy.   The Shining.   Lyrics.

as i wrote last night at 4 (uneditied, of course)(is it kosher to put [sic] after your own mistakes if they were made while you were drunk?):

the truth of the matter is this...i was planing on posting this track yesterday, but i didn't really feel about writing about it at the time. now that i can't close my eyes w/o the world spinning, it feels like the perfect moment. i chose this song for the home stretch because it was the prettiest song i could find. it probably makes my top ten list for beautiful songs. i have always been a sucker for french horn.
badly drawn boy have made a name for themselves as a soundrack band...and rightly so. they create some of the simultaneously moody, interesting, and beautiful music around.

yeah! basically, if you don't like this song, you are either soulless or earless.

it should be added that there were some major spoilsports in the back seat, whining about saves the day, but they were drowned out by megan, rocky, and my singing. ha.

if you are in the sonoma area, feel free to call me this weekend as i will be nigh.