Monday, September 14, 2009

¿¡New Contributing Editor?!

Hello Everybody!

You may know me from my characteristically long philosophical musings taking up much of the comments section on this blog.

Well, good news! I've been promoted from commenter to blogger. Hmm... nix that, let's call it, "Contributing Editor." That sounds more like something you could put on a resume.

So I'm the new Contributing Editor for this music blog.

The good news for you, our loyal readers, is that in theory, this should increase the frequency of postings.

Without futher adeiu, here is my first post...

Bïa Krieger - Momento de Graça
(Click on the above link, then click on Momento de Graça to play.)

There are some songs that make me stop what I am doing and give the full attention of my senses to listening and experiencing the moment constructed by the artist. This is one of those songs.

The word soulful seems like a vague musical cliche that is tossed around a lot to describe prominently featured singers in an acoustic group.

Overuse aside, I can think of no better term to describe this recording done by Bïa Krieger.

Whatever she's feeling, whatever she's saying, you feel it. Longing... waiting... there's subtle tension in every note.

This song takes it's time. The sounds are deliberate and rich. It slowly fills you up with sense of mellow tension the way smoke would slowly fill a room with no ventilation.

Here are the lyrics:
Ando esperando
Esperando tanto
Por um momento de graça
Coisa que passa?
(Ou que fica
Mas só
Porque não sabe onde ir)

Andei procurando um mar de areia
Pro meu corpo pousar
Quando dei por mim, madrugada já
Quando dei por mim, madrugada já
Other reasons why I am instantly in love with Bïa and her music:

The instruments used in her arrangements as I also play and love to listen to. In particular acoustic finger-style guitar, acoustic bass, and saxophone.

The more I read about her the more I fall absolutely in love with her life. Take this excerpt from her bio on her website:
"Bia spends a few years sailing around the Atlantic and Mediterranean, learning more about nature, literature, languages, music and politics than she would in any school. In 1995, she decides she won’t be anything else but a musician, and starts going professional. She is living in France and so she sings in French as well as in her mother tongue, Portuguese, or Spanish that she had learned as a child."
Finally, something about that picture with the guitar is just... well you get the idea.



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