Saturday, April 05, 2008

With so many lovers singing soft...

as nearly always, music up front, personal stuff at the end.

i'm not going to apologize for how long i've been away. you can just deal w/it. stuff happens. we all go through periods where we'd rather play nerdy online games w/no moving pictures than write public messages to no one in particular. you shouldn't think that i don't appreciate you...or that i want you to stop reading. i just fell out of the pack a day music habit i had for roughly two years there. i went a little cold-turkey and frankly, i'm probably still not back on it...but i'll do my best to do right by you.

Farryl Purkiss. Times Like These.

this first one is a dedication to a friend of mine from down southways who has a penchant for mopey acoustic music (and yet only had dashboard's new, terrible, albums.) i have a couple of songs by this good looking gentleman, and in both of them, it's the pretty dual guitar parts that grab me. his lyrics are fine (though they are kinda hum-drum) but i would listen to this song as an instrumental. i loves me some acoustic guitaaar. so, hope you enjoy it.

Teitur. Catherine the Waitress.
Teitur. We Still Drink the Same Water.

I thought i'd also include someone who's been on my blog before as half a duet, but never by himself. Teitur (tie'tor) surprised me with the following tracks as i only knew him from his duets (some of which are with some pretty big names.) who knew there was a little pop star in him (probably everyone who actually knew anything about him...unlike me)? those of you who are long time readers are sure to know that i love songs that could be described as ditties. "Catherine the Waitress" is a ditty. the second song is something of a bonus and is much closer to what i figured his new album would contain. it's playful yet a little melancholy, and something like sparsely orchestral. deal with that.

Little Dragon. Twice.

now...this is the heart of the post. this is the one song that has managed to pierce my musical apathy over the last few months. this is totally my favorite song right now. i was talking w/a friend just last night about how this song can be put on repeat for ever! i appreciate this of unobtrusive songs. songs that can easily be thirty minutes long if you so desire. truth be told, i find just once through to be disappointing with this precious gem of a song.
i'm not completely in love with the album, though i find it fascinating. i hear albums described as unclassifiable pretty often...though i almost never agree with this assessment. however, Little Dragon borrows and improves and kicks ass with pieces of this and that, living in none of them. i hope you love this one more than most.

i had plans to party in a hangar tonight, but i decided to pass them up in favor of a good night's sleep. of course, anyone who knows me, knows that a good night's sleep is never a sure thing with or without military mixers.

the pitiful truth of the matter is that i could have used the distraction tonight. the last short period of time, i've felt a little bit like that poor baby Gibson and Walk tortured all those years ago (eff you psych 1a! didn't think i'd remember anything, did you?!?!), poised to crawl out into the unknown a little bit, except i'm going for it. new things starting, meeting old things not restarting, meeting a handful of old stuff going away. in fact, my current wish is to change almost everything about my life, minus you wonderful folks. wish me some luck please.

if anyone is left in sonoma, i'll be there this weekend. call if you want a visit as i have literally nothing in my life to rush back for.



carolann said...

yessssssss! a new post!

nawanda37 said...

it's all for you shweetheart!

shruts said...

hey! i'm back! i actually found this artist named Paper Route..have you heard of them?

If not, checkit:

(you have to copy paste each line *sigh*) but you can pretty much listen to any song, i listened to Second Chances first, but CityScapes is gorgeous! *PEACE* :)

shruts said...

and i forgot to mention, Little Dragon's "Twice" is gorgeous! :D

nawanda37 said...

shruts! thanks for the comments. i'm glad you dug little dragon...i am so totally won over by that song.

even with your instructions that i had to paste each line separately, i got totally confused and was confused when it brought up my friend ashley's profile three times in a row (hers was the last one i had punched in manually.)

Anais said...

People should read this.