Thursday, January 10, 2008

so pick your risk and take it...

i know that i'm a terrible blogger. i really do.

this is actually the second or third time i've tried to write for i haven't forgotten you completely...i have high hopes for this one actually emerging completed since i've got two songs to share (if i had even one drink in me, i'm pretty sure this would be the spot for a tangent about what happens to a blog deferred...alas: soberness.)

Katie Dill. The Body's Only Rental.

Oh God. i love little girls w/ukeleles more than anything...even cinnamon rolls...and i will continue to feel that way until the song ends.
it's karmic and lovely and wiser than it lets on.
two of the last four weddings i have attended have been luau themed. i think the IZ version of somewhere over the rainbow has played at three of the four. as a result, hawaiin music sounds like love to me at this point.
how could this song possibly come from newark?
more importantly, how are you going to use your gentle today?

Elliott Smith. Place Pigalle. Lyrics.

i straight up ripped off this idea for a post from one of the most successful indie music blogs on the net, and one of my favorites: I Guess I'm Floating. go there and read what he has to say about everything. i played the song and decided that you all needed it in your lives.

elliott likely needs no introduction. he shouldn't.

he is famous for tragedy and for beauty...unfortunately not in equal parts.

if john lennon had died ten years earlier, i would have insisted that he and smith shared a soul, and that we should watch for another genius coming our way in 13 or so years. alas, a tired comparison is all we get.

for those of you who are already smith fans, this song was intended for figure 8. in fact, the album was originally to be called "Place Pigalle" [for further should be noted that the title track, "Figure 8", a school-house rock song, didn't make the album either, but was included on a single instead.] at least we can eternally be thankful that elliott never seemed to have gone a day w/o recording a wonderful b-side for us to find years later. it must be disheartening to some that smith might be the best act out there, posthumously. this must be how rappers feel about tupac.

if anyone is interested in more of his b-sides, let me know...i'd be happy to post links.

thanks for stopping by folks. i'll try to update more often, but no promises.


shruts said...

hey thanks! i really like The Notwist! :) "Consequence" is beautiful! *is listening*

I'm glad you enjoyed Efterklang too! Do you have all three albums? (Tripper is my fav. still, but Parades is good too)

*peace* :D

carolann said...

well, i found you.

word_riot said...

i stumbled here -- and while you've confessed to being a poor blogger, you've also offered up some lovely b-sides -- so, you know, i'm going to stumble back here in a few. maybe you'll leave a little something for a stranger's ears, yes?

nawanda37 said...

shruts- i don't have the albums, i was just listening to individual songs (thank you hypemachine!)
glad you liked notwist...that is among my favorite albums.

word riot- glad you made it here. i go through periods where i blog often and periods where i take a month off at a time. your best bet might be RSS'ing...that way you don't get fed up w/visiting w/no reward.

as for you CVJM...i wasn't hiding from you. you're the one who moved across the world.

theorangecast said...

I'll confess that I haven't heard a lot of the music you've mentioned. But what I have heard, I absolutely love. Will check out the ones i haven't. thank you, it really is a very nice heartfelt blog.