Sunday, January 11, 2009

A little show-and-tell

this is kind of a throwback blog for me, from yesteryear....before i wrote anything beyond shilling for one artist or another. i want you all to listen to this man.

Ben Sollee (god i hate flash websites...musicians, please knock it off with that crap...i don't want you opening up all sorts of windows...frick). lyrics.

i've posted ben before. in fact, i've posted two of the below songs before.
[deal with it.]
it's been a long time since i've found anything that jacked me up this much.
[i love the cello.]

i'm going to let some other blogs do some of my work for me here and post a few links in addition to the direct links to songs.
i can't find his album online, and i'm unwilling to upload anything, so you'll just have to buy it. or, you can spend a little bit of time pouring over the hypem link below and piece together some of the best tracks that way. the hype machine rocks.
it was the daytrotter version of "a change is going to come" that made me want to post, so that one goes first. so good. i'm not going to steal traffic from that site, so you'll have to go there to hear it. it's worth it.
the video below is a trip...i've never heard anyone play a cello in exactly that way. his album is really clean, but a lot of his live stuff is much grimier, in the best possible way. i'm not unique, nor am i completely normal, in that i often have problems with music sounding too clean/sterile. i recommend that you take the time to listen to at least the daytrotter and the album versions of "a change is gonna come" (yes, this is a cover of a sam cooke song...lord knows i'll get an email from someone if i don't say that.)

1. daytrotter session.

2. hype machine links.

3. bonus (w/a couple vids and an f apple cover...loves me some missus apple).

Ben Sollee - A Change Is Gonna Come - Luxury Wafers Sessions from Luxury Wafers.

songs (album versions):
a change is gonna come.
how to see the sun rise.
only a song.

hey ben...come to town, wouldja?

night all.


Ron said...

I just listened to "A Change is Gonna Come" on my Grado SR-80 headphones. I've heard this recording before through semi-crappy computer speakers, but the dynamics are amazing now that I can really listen to him. I like Ben Sollee a lot more now.

Ron said...

You know, I've watched that video a few times now, and Ben Sollee doesn't make playing cello seem that hard. It must be easy. Maybe I should pick it up. Anyone wanna buy me a cello?

nawanda37 said...

Ha! Im for it Ronnie! You could be "cello guy at the party"