Saturday, June 21, 2008

the cure for the uncommon warmth?

april!? it's been since april?


well, there is no doubt that i'm terrible about updating, but if it helps, i feel like i just posted that last one (though, i suppose the sharks would still have had to be in the playoffs, huh?)

the story is this. i've been playing a game online which has nearly 100% taken the place of searching for music. however, i've started to drift back. i thought i'd share some of the newest and an older one.

i would feel bad if i didn't give credit where credit is due and admit that the first couple come from Aurgasm, one of my three favorite music sites on the interwebs.

Enur feat. Natasha. Calabria.

i am really hard to please w/dance music. i know it pisses people off too...they are all stoked and swaying and i am such a damn killjoy, but you all know that i don't lie. for some more honesty, i suppose this is how i feel about most music (prince and MJ come to mind as dancy artists that people seem to appreciate who i can't stand...don't even come at me w/gwen and say that her albums are useful for anything but sticking below a table's leg to stop it from tipping)
however, when people manage to make dance music that i like, i listen to it for years, as anyone who has ever taken a road trip with me can attest.
this is the latest dance song that i totally dig. it's even more repetitive than most that grab me, but i'll tell you what, it conjures something for me. it conjures oppressive heat on a street w/squat buildings and condensation on a glass of water.
did i mention that it's terribly hot in the real world right now? if this song doesn't make you enjoy the heat for a few seconds, move to the pacific northwest already.

Ben Sollee. A Change is Gonna Come.
Ben Sollee. How To See the Sun Rise.

well...the fine gentleman from Aurgasm tried to classify this as "cello-pop/acoustic folk" which is sorta fair, i suppose. it certainly points you down the road toward what Ben is doing. however, i can't escape the jazz/soul/70's rock vibe that is not just included, but central in my eyes. he may be classically trained, but his upbringing in the south takes the fore.
this is more warm-weather music....but cool warm weather music.
seriously, you'll like it...what a debut.

Rogue Wave. Eyes.

i forget how much i like rogue wave. this happens to me a lot. i do have quite a lot of music, and i really only listen to a few playlists based on what mood i'm in, and for some reason, none of these playlists contain rogue wave.
thankfully, commercials come along and jog my memory sometimes.
i've heard this lovely song in at least two commercials and a few shows too.
if you dig DCFC and the shins, you'll love it.
it is such a pretty song...remember when your parents read fantastical stories to you to you when you were a child? that's what it sounds like.

nothing fancy tonight. just songs.
oh...songs and the information that i'm not on fire and neither is my house. watsonville is on fire. there is something very creepy about driving past a place that you have driven by thousands of times before...only this time it's on fire. so strange. houses. trees. there were hundreds of firemen doing their thing and a few choppers dropping water about 50 ft from our car. if you know a fireman, say thank you for me.

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Thanks for the comment. Our musical tastes are bit similar too. May I ask how you found my blog?