Monday, November 05, 2007

lighten up...

new blog.


i'm feeling melancholy, so here you go.

Marla Hansen. Shuffle Your Feet.
Marla Hansen. Wedding Day.

why isn't every song just always played on a cello?
if you're only going to get one, i recommend 'shuffle.' wedding day is pretty and all, but shuffle is the standout song here.

marla has some pretty impressive friends, many of whom appear on her
EP, Wedding Day. it's not bad for publicity when you can give the following list of bands as a resume/cast: "My Brightest Diamond, Sufjan Stevens, The National, Inlets, Clare and the Reasons, Oneida, Duncan Sheik and even Jay-Z and Kanye West." as we all know, the national are my favorite rock band of this decade. in addition, i happen to know that she toured w/casey dienel, who is loved by me. well done lady.

with the right songs, i sure do love repeat. i like this song a lot.

it may seem kind of silly to some, but i get all the way caught up in coaching. pretty much, my mood the next four months will be determined by how each day of soccer goes. i will appear to be went just fine except i'm really not used to leading 20+ girls and i'm afraid it is going to be a tall order. i am very good at herding and capturing the attention of smaller groups, but the huge crowd is tough. with those manageable groups, i know how to use my energy to inspire and motivate with great success. i'm feeling inadequate after today, which is pretty uncommon for me.

say lah vee...tomorrow will probably be better.

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shesbeenelected said...

The order of the songs on disc one (17 Sept 07) is perfect.