Wednesday, July 12, 2006

for once i want to be the car crash and not just another traffic jam...

this is going to be uncharacteristically short for me as i have to leave for Brianna's bd, but i wanted to share the brightest moment of my day with you.

i enjoyed nacho libre. many folks didn't, but i did. i am one of the only people i know of who didn't really like napoleon was funny, but i found it all a little too sad to be amazing. i left having laughed quite a lot, but a little sick to my stomach. nacho didn't do this to me at all. i cracked up during most of the film.

now, i do believe that one thing, more than anything else helped my appreciation of the movie's humor: the music absolutely slayed me (lord knows it didn't hurt that i was sitting between two completely adorable girls who were in enough of a giggly mood as to be funny themselves.) by the end of the credits, i was already in hysterical laughter. this primed me for the rest of the movie. there was a whole to-do about the movie's music (which you can read about at wikipedia if you are curious) but all that mattered to me was that it was hilarious and impossible to find w/o file sharing (which i don't use.)

tonight, at the end of a day where i felt older than i have ever felt before (more on that later) i finally found the song i had been looking for! what a fantastic song. so, here:

Mr. Loco. Religious Man.

(art courtesy of matt. and i didn't ask to use it. sue me.)